FAQs About Giving (Tithes)

Why do people give money to the church (Tithes)?
It is part of our spiritual journey in leading generous lives. At Southside Baptist Church we share a vision to be a generous community that fulfills God’s purposes in this place.

How can I give to the church?
People give by placing their contributions in the offering plate or by  sending them to the church

Why is the word “offering” used when speaking about financial gifts?
Our financial gifts are offered to God as the Source of life and all we have. It is an expression of gratitude for what God has done and is doing in our lives.

Is there a specific amount that people are expected to give?
What you give is a personal decision, and we appreciate all gifts received. If one wants to set goals for one’s giving, there are two ways that Christians have frequently set their personal expectations. Some use the biblical references to tithing as their personal goal. To give a tithe means to give ten percent of one’s income. Others strive to give in a way that makes a difference to the way they, as people of faith, live day to day. In the Bible there is a wonderful statement about giving: “Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). Following this counsel, at Southside Baptist Church we will never use guilt or strong-arm people in their giving. The amount one gives should reflect a personal decision that brings joy in the act of giving.

What if I can pledge very little to the church?
There is no pledge that is too small. We consider every contribution as a meaningful act from the giver that makes a difference in the life our ministry. It is also a way that we encourage one another. The number of pledges increases that encouragement by demonstrating unity and commitment in support of our church and its worship, fellowship and service, which mean so much to each of us. The current economy has placed pressure on many of us.  But please know that continuing to pledge at any level, even if reduced, supports the work of the church by showing that so many of its members are generous in their commitment to its life and growth.

For tax purposes, will I receive a statement on the contributions I make?
Yes, if your gifts are contibuted by check, you use our offering envelopes (available through church office), or you give in any manner that identifies you as the contibutor.  All identified contributions made are recorded on your end of year statement. For contributions to be included in a given calendar year, the IRS stipulates that cash donations must be received by December 31, and checks must be dated and mailed by December 31.

What is the “annual pledge”?
Your annual pledge is a statement of intention as to the dollar amount you intend to give during the coming year.  Exercising prayerful consideration when arriving at this amount gives us an opportunity to reflect on this aspect of our spiritual journeys. It also assists us as a church in being good stewards of our resources as we seek to expand the impact of our ministry in the lives of our members and in our community.

Is my giving to the church confidential?
Yes. The amount of gifts and pledges made to the church is kept confidential and is not made known to the staff or members of the church.

Are there any other ways I can give to the church?
People may give securities and have contributions bequeathed to the church.  
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