Who We Are

In these time of labeling let it be known to all that Southside Baptist Church is just that, a “Baptist Church.”

We are not Calvinist nor are we Armenian, we are Baptist.  By this we mean to say that we sing out of our Hymn Books, the songs of yesteryears that held tight to the doctrines of God. Our Pastor still preaches on “The Blood, the Book, and the Blessed Hope!”  out of the King James Bible! We still exercise the liberty to shout and sing to the glory of God.

If you are interested in the Old Biblical Standards practiced by our forefathers, then you’ll love our church fellowship. We have a very diverse membership that ranges from white collar to blue collar workers, truck drivers to school teachers, from executives to construction workers.

Sunday Services

Our Sunday School Department is very serious about teaching the word of God and answering any questions that they mlearnaboutay be asked.   We want this to be relevant tot he students before us.

Sunday Morning services lean toward reaching the lost and edifying the saved.  Sunday evening services lean toward growing the Save and encouraging the lost to be saved while expounding on doctrines from different Books of the Bible.

Our Discipleship classes are dedicated to helping each student to find the way to apply Biblical teaching to everyday life.  However, before one can apply something, they must know and learn what the Bible teaches.

Midweek Services

Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Bible Study starts at 7:00 P.M.  We meet for Bible Study and Prayer with a focus on prayer.  Activities and study for children and youth currently being planned.


Missions are a vital part of our Church outreach. Through the contributions of the local Church we support various missionaries both home and abroad. This support comes from tithes and offerings collected through the local church. We are strong supporters of the old fashion soul winning methods of training church membership in door to door soul winning. We also utilize a ministry entitled “The Master’s Mission” that allows us to join others churches of like faith and practice to assist them in their community in door to door Soul Winning. At the same time, we continue to endeavor to engrave on the hearts and minds of each member of Southside Baptist Church that this is a personal responsibility of each of us; “Each one, reach one!”

We look forward to seeing what God has in store for you!

Come and Join Us

We would love to see you on Sunday.  Come worship with us this Sunday!

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