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God’s call on the life of every believer is a call to SERVE. We are called to serve our neighbors, we’re called to serve our families, and we’re called to serve God’s Church. The desire of this church is not to just equip, not to just give people the knowledge they need, but to unleash people to actively serve. This is the way that the Kingdom grows, this is the way that God’s love truly is shown to others when, in humility, we are willing to think of others first and to serve the way Christ modeled for us.


Sunday School

Our mission in Sunday School is to faithfully teach the Word of God, to reach the lost and to strengthen the saved.



MWe have a loving and well equipped nursery where our workers will care and love your baby.


Our Preschool workers will joyfully teach each child about Jesus.

Childrens Ministries

Because our teachers know that young minds and hearts are easily taught principles and values that can last a lifetime, they prayerfully and carefully prepare.

Adult Department

Bible Study that is relevant for today will Give our young adults the direction and purpose of living they seek. In our adult department we offer men’s classes, women’s classes and mixed couples classes,

Youth Department

Those who are in grades 7-12 need a solid foundation upon which to build their lives. They will learn here that Jesus is that foundation.

Adult Men

Bible Study that gives support of living and determination in serving.

Senior Ladies

Our senior ladies have fun and fellowship as they study the word.

Adult Couples

We have three couple’s classes that focus on glorifying God while edifying the students. As teachers, we feel that we are to be as faithful to our class as our pastor is to his pulpit.

Discipleship Training

All age groups have an in-depth Bible Study to equip them and encourage them to serve our Risen Savior.

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